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The United States Economic Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

The United States Economic - Term Paper Example It is along these lines essential to investigate the macroeconomic causes and ramifications of cost increment of products, breakdown of the lodging market and the following budgetary unrest. Primary Body The worldwide economy is at present in the grasp of the greatest macroeconomic vulnerability over the most recent 25 years since costs of significant products, for example, corn, coal, flammable gas and oil have been reliably expanding in being activated incompletely by the quick increment popular in creating nations, for example, China and India. Anyway the costs in the lodging segment, particularly in the US have been declining. Lodging costs in the US have fallen by right around 25 percent comparable to the 2006 pinnacle time frame. The ensuing budgetary choppiness that overpowered the world economy after September 2007 keeps on holding its force in antagonistically affecting a few divisions in the US economy. Albeit various monetary powers have worked in making this unfriendly ma croeconomic circumstance, the two primary driver have been the expansion in the costs of essential products and the snappy debilitating of the lodging market. ... Costs rose forcefully in view of numerous reasons yet principally because of the expanding interest for oil in many creating nations, even while costs of different wares were rising. It is critical that during the most recent 20 years worldwide oil request and utilization has expanded extensively. For example, ensuing to the financial downturn in 2008, there was a decrease sought after for oil in the US and in numerous European nations, however the decay was adjusted by expanded interest for the item in nations, for example, India, Middle East and China. In the US, factors, for example, poor harvest yield, macroeconomic instability and gracefully interruption seemed to have contributed in compounding the development of costs (Jones, 2008). Another major macroeconomic stun to the US has been the enormous scope decrease in lodging costs that have been declining since 2006. Lodging request in the US was fuelled by request made by the new economies of the late 1990s, by low loan costs du ring the underlying long periods of the 2000s and on account of the consistent relaxing of loaning arrangements. Taking into account such falsely made monetary conditions, lodging costs in the US rose definitely preceding 2006 yet before long began declining and by 2008 had declined by 20 percent. The start of the budgetary strife and America’s monetary burdens lies in the situation of its lodging market after 2006. Individuals were pulled in by low loan costs, adaptable loaning standards and by the discernments that lodging costs will keep on expanding. Subsequently, enormous number of subprime borrowers who didn't fulfill the credit guidelines regarding credit record and application necessities were permitted to assume praise and to purchase homes. It is on record that during

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The rise of the qin dynasty Essay Example

The ascent of the qin administration Essay The job/significance of Qin Shi Huang in early China Today China is an extraordinary modern force, its quick financial development in the course of recent decades have been truly amazing. Nearly everything is made in China, pretty much every United States resident can be seen with at any rate one customer thing from the nation. Be that as it may, this nation was not generally this incredible monetary force. Some time before China turned into the extraordinary force it is today, some time before it was even a nation, China was isolated from the outside world. Chinese history principally centered around inward China on the grounds that the encompassing region contained an unfriendly situation. This autonomy push on the Chinese from its confinement serves to clarify how the Chinese built up an exceptional and free human advancement. Indeed, even inside China, the nation was never a bound together state in old occasions. Or maybe, it was partitioned into many autonomous Chinese states. Be that as it may, following quite a while of fghting, seven significant realms rose, the most significant being the realm of Qin. It was inside this realm that Wang Ying Chen brought together China following quite a while of merciless battling. Under this lord, China was, unexpectedly, brought together under one ruler. When Wang came into power, his title as ruler was bad enough, so he renamed himself Shih Huang D, which implies first sovereign. Through his rule, he made China a more noteworthy force financially, strategically and socially. Prior to his standard, China was not politically steady, so to maintain a strategic distance from political confusion, vanquished states couldn't be alluded to as autonomous countries. Shih Huang Di then separated his realm into thirty six commanderies. These managerial units served well for China, for they made China increasingly composed. What's more, what made this framework so extraordinary was that it was not quite the same as what past traditions had done. We will compose a custom article test on The ascent of the qin tradition explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom exposition test on The ascent of the qin administration explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom exposition test on The ascent of the qin administration explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer Past administrations had utilized free coalitions and alliances, which didn't do the nation well. In addition, government arrangements were not, at this point dependent on nepotism but instead on merit. This wiped out any degenerate movement inside the legislature that would Jeopardize the nation in any capacity. The primary ruler of China was additionally answerable for bringing together China financially. He normalized units of estimations for weight and measures. In addition, he normalized the money. What's more, more significantly, he set up a broad system of streets and waterways that encouraged exchange and added to the financial ell-being of the nation. Be that as it may, a large portion of every, under hello rule, the Chinese content was bound together. This made the correspondence arrangement of China totally bound together. These achievements were significant in setting up China as a superior nation. China would not be the equivalent in the event that it were not for Qin Shih Huang. The impact he had over Chinese culture can not be questioned. Framework l. Introduction a. China wasnt consistently as extraordinary as it was today b. Old occasions: not brought together c. First ruler II. Political impact a. Normalized money b. System of streets c. Impact IV. Social impact a. Correspondence framework V. End

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Historic Boston

Historic Boston About a month ago I got a comment in one of my entries that read: Snively, Since you are used to getting up early now, go out to the Boston Market on Saturday and load up on the cherries and avocados, not to mention all the other fruits and veggies available right now. Better still, talk a walk through Little Italy. The smell of the bread and garlic early in the morning is amazing. Then go to Bunker Hill and climb the stairs (if you havent done that already). Then walk back to Little Italy and eat. Its an exceptional treat that I would love to do right now. Normally I wouldnt actually do this because Id be too busy or just not motivated enough, but for some reason this seemed like a good idea, so I went along with it. Thats right, your comments actually affect what happens in my life. Im kind of like a less creepy version of the subservient chicken. Unfortunately, my day of excitingness started off a bit rocky. I woke up too late to hit the market or to wander the North End (Little Italy) and enjoy the smells so I had to settle for going to Bunker Hill. I strapped on my skates, grabbed my directions from Google Maps, and headed out. I made it reasonably far before Google Maps decided to mess with me. Cross suchandsuch a bridge for .25 miles. Yessir Google Maps, Im at your command. *goes to cross bridge* Um, crap, no sidewalk or bike lane. I took a moment to evaluate my options. There were all sorts of bridges going across the river but none of them seemed to have sidewalks for me to skate on. I tried going left, skating for a while to see if there would be an alternate way across the river. Nope. I skated back. How about to the right? *skate skate skate skate* Woo-hoo! A bridge! I skated across the bridge and then attempted to skate back to where I was supposed to end up according to Google Maps. Easier said than done. Thats the thing about step by step directions instead of a map, one mistake and youre done for. I skated for about 15 minutes, unable to figure out where Google Mapss sidewalk-free bridge ended and couldnt do it. I ended up stopping at a drugstore and buying a map of Boston. After a quick map viewing I oriented myself and was back on track. This is when I saw my first exciting tourist attraction of the day. Quick, just by looking at the picture, guess what country Im in: Looks like Europe, doesnt it! For a second I thought I was back in Italy on vacation, but then I heard som guy yell (with a thick Boston accent) out his car window at another driver and I was quickly reminded where I actually was. I continued skating towards the bridge and connected with the Freedom Trail, a brick trail that connects all the major historic locations of Boston. Basically, a giant magnetic line for tourists. Fortunately for me, this trail led right to Bunker hill so I followed it. Let me tell you something about Bunker Hill. Its a hill. A big hill. A hill that I skated up. A hill that, once I reached the top, I couldnt let myself go back down just because it would have been a waste of the energy required to get to the top of the hill. Instead, I took off my skates and wandered around a bit, enjoying the sites at the top of the hill. Ok, time to listen to the blog comment and climb the stairs of the monument. I wandered over and saw this sign: Psh, thats not so many stairs! Im in good shape, I can do that no sweat. In fact, I think Ill jog it. After admiring the masonic symbol on a decorative cup at the base of the tower I began my ascent. *jog jog jog jog* This isnt so bad! *jog jog jog* Look, Im already at step 50! *jog jog* Hm, I wonder how far I am now? *jog* Step 75!? *step step step step* Well, maybe Ill walk a little bit and then start jogging again later *step step step* Ok, this isnt fun anymore *step step* 150!? WHAT!? Really now, thats it? *step* I hate stairs. At around the 210 step mark I realized that turning around wasnt an option because Id already come so far, but going any farther just wasnt something I wanted to do. What does one do? One keeps going, even though it hurts (remember that for next year all you eager beaver 12s). Eventually, 294 steps up, I made it to the top. Oh, have I mentioned the 90% humidity? In the top room I saw about 5 other equally exhausted looking people, all soaked with sweat, taking in the view. Now, I will cram the view down your throats. Why? Why am I going to post so many pictures of it? Because I almost died trying get to the top, just to see this, so now all of you are going to see it too. And, that last stair, the hardest one: Finally it was time to descend, something that really hurt me to do, seeing as Id built up so much potential energy by climbing those bloody stairs. Lets see, mass x gravity x height = potential energy. That equates to 81 kg x 9.8 m/s^2 x 20 bazillion meters = 15,876 bazillion Joules of energy. What a waste! I started me descent, jogging. Luckily for me its much easier to jog down than to jog up, so in about a minute and a half I was at the bottom. Thats right, even jogging down it took a minute and a half. Thats a long time, but I was able to entertain myself by watching the gradual change in expressions of the people climbing up the stairs. As I started down it was like watching the undead reach the summit but as I neared the bottom I noticed eager, athletic, and optimistic faces. When I reached the bottom I took some time to cool down and read some plaques that talked about various historical things. Im not a big fan of history so I wont go into detail, youll have to look it up on Wikipedia, but eventually Id read enough and was ready to move on. I now faced a decision: should I head straight back to the dorm or should I do something else with my Sunday? While I decided I wandered to the (air conditioned) Bunker Hill Museum. I forced myself not to purchase a Jaw Harp (even though I really wanted one) and made my decision regarding the rest of my day. I decided to walk the freedom trail all the way back to the Boston Commons, effectively eliminating it from my list of 101 Things to Do Before I Graduate list and in turn, culturing myself. My first stop on the freedom trail was the U.S.S. Constitution, or as you may know her, Old Ironsides. I om nom nomed an Italian sausage and some peppers before checking out the original drydock for the Constitution. After the Constitution there wasnt a whole lot to see on the freedom trail for quite a distance, it just snakes around through the North End. It does give you a chance to see the Bunker Hill monument from a distance though. The next important location was the Old North Church. You remember that, right? Paul Revere, lanterns, land and sea, British? Thats right, let that APUSH flood back into your brain for the next 5 seconds as you look at two pictures: Inside Outside I continued on my trek and saw a fountain and a donkey Whats that donkey looking at? Feet! I should stand on those! A little farther down the street was one of the big important locations on the freedom trail, the Granary Burial ground. There were a couple of awesome things about this cemetery. The first was the hilarious show of gender inequality that was proudly displayed in the center of the cemetery. For your viewing pleasure, the tombstone of Benjamin Franklins father: But, Benjamin Franklins mom must be dead too, and wouldnt she want to be buried near her husband? Where could her grave be? Wait, whats that? Hm, whose name is on that tiny little tombstone shoved behind the giant Franklin monument? There she is! I wonder if they discussed those burial arrangements? Honey, Id like to talk about our burial arrangements. Oh dear, I trust you to be fair and true when deciding how we will forever be remembered by the world. Absolutely honey, well have two ident AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Oh no! Im so sorry! I didnt mean to pour scalding hot oil all over you! Please, please forgive me! Oh, I forgive you. Really, its no big deal. If youll excuse me, Im going to go finish up our burial arrangements. No, really, dont worry about pouring boiling oil all over me right before I decide who gets what in the cemetery, I promise Ill still be fair. . . Other awesome dead people present were all of the victims of the Boston Massacre Paul Revere John Hancock and our favorite brewer, Samual Adams. After the cemetery I visited Quincy Market, Borders, a bar to watch a bit of the Eurocup, and then I ended up on the Boston Commons. How did I know I was in the Boston COmmons? Because, conviniently, a large red pushpin marked it out for me. A walk back to campus from the Boston Commons yielded two things of note: 1) Another Smart Car! 2) The Church of Scientology! Finally, after 5 hours and a little over 11 miles, I saw MIT. I got back to the dorm and collapsed. It had been a very long, culture-filled day and it was definitely time for some air-conditioned rr. Curious just exactly where I went? Click this link at your own risk, its kinda a big image file, but it traces my route for you all to enjoy. Map, 3 Mb

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The Psychological Understanding Of Schizophrenia - 2173 Words

The human mind and how it works is still one of the world’s biggest mysteries but as the technology and science improves every day, the psychological understanding of the mind and schizophrenia has improved as well. From the beliefs of demons dwelling in the minds of the ancient people to understanding the true psychological understanding of this disorder and how it affects the mind. The treatment differs throughout the ages as ancient doctors and knew little on the disorder now known as schizophrenia, the treatment has varied from killing people to shock therapy today. Even though the understanding has grown there still is no cure, but with treatment and medicine one can live a full functioning life. Schizophrenia has been around since†¦show more content†¦Schizophrenia is a chronic and severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. People with schizophrenia may seem like they have lost touch with reality. Although schizophrenia is not a s common as other mental disorders, the symptoms can be very disabling but with the help of treatment and medicine the there is a possibility that the patient can have a full functioning life. Symptoms of schizophrenia usually start between ages 16 and 30. In rare cases, children have schizophrenia too due to the fact that it can be passed down genetically. Some of the â€Å"positive† symptoms are psychotic behaviors not generally seen in healthy people. People with positive symptoms may â€Å"lose touch† with some aspects of reality. Symptoms include: Hallucinations, Delusions, Thought disorders (unusual or dysfunctional ways of thinking), Movement disorders (agitated body movements). There are also â€Å"negative† symptoms are associated with disruptions to normal emotions and behaviors. Symptoms include: â€Å"Flat affect† (reduced expression of emotions via facial expression or voice tone), reduced feelings of pleasure in everyday life, difficulty beg inning and sustaining activities, reduced speaking. â€Å"What differs from the positive and negative symptoms are that positive symptoms add a behavior, thought, or feeling. Where negative symptoms take away a behavior, thought, or feeling. Keep in mind, even though it s called a positive symptom it doesn’t mean it

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Work Place Relations - 1355 Words

Work Place relationships William Trimble Baker College PSY101 Gwen Zegestowsky June 11, 2014 Work Place Relationships Part I: Describe the characteristics of an unhealthy relationship in the workplace. Just like personal relationships, workplace relationships can be both healthy or unhealthy. The nature of ones relationships in the workplace can relate to job satisfaction and success in that workplace. Describe three characteristics that would exemplify an unhealthy relationship with coworkers and/or managers. Most people spend the majority of their lives at work, and studies repeatedly show happy employees are more productive. Companies that†¦show more content†¦Overcoming a toxic workplace can be a challenge, but there is often a sense of freedom that comes from understanding the situation you are in. You have a choice how you react to an unhealthy situation. There is hope. You can take back your life and find happiness in your career. Part II: It is not uncommon to seek advice on relationships in popular media such as television, magazines, radio talk shows, self-help books/programs. Find a substantial example from a popular media source where relationship advice is given to improve workplace relationships. If you cannot locate an example you may use one of the samples provided below. Answer the following: What sort of information is included? Provide a brief overview of the advice given. The media source I used for this paper comes from the Houston Chronicle Small Business Section. At one point in my career we were encouraged to read this section daily. On workplace relationships there are four areas that were touched on, They are: Basics Human relations in the workplace are a major part of what makes a business work. Employees must frequently work together on projects, communicate ideas and provide motivation to get things done. Without a stable and inviting workplace culture, difficult challenges can arise both in the logistics of managing employees and in the bottom line. Businesses with engaging workplaces and a well-trained workforce are more likely to retain and attract qualifiedShow MoreRelatedINDUSTRIAL RELATIONS AND INDUSTRIAL DISPUTES745 Words   |  3 PagesINDUSTRIAL RELATIONS AND INDUSTRIAL DISPUTES Industrial Relations Introduction †¢ relations which are the outcome of the employment relationship in an industrial enterprise †¢ every industrial relations system creates a complex of rules and regulations to govern the work place and work community †¢ main purpose: to maintain harmonious relations between labour and management by solving their problems through collective bargaining †¢ the government/state shapes industrial relations with the help ofRead MoreEmployee Relations Issues1696 Words   |  7 PagesEmployee Relations Issues Individual Research Project Employee Relations Issues By Oksana Kirsanova GB520: Strategic Human Resources Management Kaplan University April 25, 2011 Abstract Abstract The aim of this report was to explore the problems and trends of Employee Relations and learn how the right approach can control organizational success. If a small amount of time is spent on implementing an effective performance management system within a company then it can lead to a large impact onRead MoreThe Analysis Of The Equitable Employee Relations Since The Year 19681542 Words   |  7 PagesThe research has a focus on the analysis of the equitable employee relations since the year 1968. It is important for the understanding of the employee working conditions that existed in the workplace for the purpose of forming a comprehensive understanding and relations to the current environment of businesses and organizations. There has been a lot of progress since the period of the Dagenham, 1968, to the current time. This has been mostly due to the industrial action and legislative changes thatRead MoreSocial Relations Within Doreen Massey s Delves Into The Theory Behind The Conce pts Of Space And Place Essay1650 Words   |  7 PagesDoreen Massey’s book delves into the theory behind the concepts of space and place, while including the effect these concepts have on gender. She also includes gender’s effect on space and place. She views these theories with a feminist’s mindset. This means to look at these ideas while understanding that the dominate form of conceptualization has been influenced by the dominance of masculine ideals or how they â€Å"are commonly conceptualized† (Massey 1994, 1) in Massey’s viewpoint. The masculine idealsRead MoreA Brief Note On Ethics And Conduct And Behavior1089 Words   |  5 PagesEthics Research Report Student Name: Longfei Wang Student ID: 11529471 Executive Summary This report describe the two professional areas, they are Early Childhood and Public Relation (PR). In this two areas, this article illustrates the importance of three professional codes which are ethics, conduct and behavior. The report also reveal some ethical or unethical behaviors in the light of the two professional areas. Then the two professions will be compared in the codes ofRead More A critical review of the major opposing views on arbitration industrial relations1291 Words   |  6 Pages This paper will critically review the major opposing perspectives on arbitration and industrial relations, with particular attention to how government regulation and intervention relate to the changes made to the system after 1996. The major focus of this brief paper will be to demonstrate that Howard’s industrial relations policies resemble those of the late 1800’s, where the Master and Servant Act’s regulated the relationships between employer and employee. These were replaced with the introductionRead MoreThe Famous Concept Of Scientific Management1145 Words   |  5 Pagespush it further according to his concept (Thompson, 1914). His work later gave inspiration to many researches from other fields (Wren, 2011). On the other hand, Elton Mayo research later on the Hawthorne Experiment has deviated the industrial psychology from what relates the worker’s relationship to his job instead to workers prioritizing work relations and attitude (Cubbon, 1969). Elton Mayo then develops the concept of Human Relations by studying the workers in groups instead of how Taylor did byRead MoreThe Importance Of A Public Relations Agency853 Words   |  4 Pagesbiggest questions that individuals or companies ask if whether to have an in-house public relations department or to turn to a public relations agency. There are many benefits to using a firm or working in a firm. From a business standpoint, using an agency is very beneficial. The public relati ons firms already have connections and relationships established with media outlets, which makes it easier for an agency to place press releases or articles into almost every form of media. Another benefit of usingRead MoreRomantic Love Is A Deep Interaction Between Two Persons733 Words   |  3 Pagesother. â€Å"Concentration and fusion into the whole being can never take place through my agency, nor can it ever take place without me. I become through my relation to the Thou; as I become I, I say Thou† (Buber, pg. 160). So romantic love happens when an understanding comes to being that the other is you and potentially your entire universe of being for as long as you are in relation. Although, there can be instances where the relation is involuntary and isn’t fluid. There is pulling and pushing. â€Å"WhileRead MoreHuman Resources : An Organization1424 Words   |  6 Pagesthey work out what level of skills are needed by the workers and how many workers are needed for business. They have to create a positive working environment for the workers to insure that the workers are happy and working well to achieve the business’ goals. They also deal with the conditions of employment and the workers’ salaries. The human resource department’s job is to recruit the best workers for the job, also make sure training is put in place so that the new employee’s know how to work to

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Nba †a New Digital Entertainment Model in China Free Essays

string(21) " and live NBA games\." Entertainment and Media Industries Professor Sam Craig NBA – A New Digital Entertainment Model in China Name : Ted Mui Executive Summary The National Basketball Association’s expansion into the Chinese market has been met with great success. The company’s China operation currently generates over UDS$150 million in annual sales, and is one of the most recognized international brands in the country. To further focus on the growth of this unique market, a subsidiary was established in 2008, with former head of Microsoft China Tim Chen serving as the first CEO. We will write a custom essay sample on Nba – a New Digital Entertainment Model in China or any similar topic only for you Order Now The NBA has had great success in developing strategic partnerships in China. Over 290 games are broadcasted on Chinese TV per year, and NBA-related content can be readily found online on Chinese websites. However, NBA China has thus far generated little revenue directly from its end consumers, especially with its digital offerings. In reviewing its target market, we find that the NBA is in direct competition with other online entertainment products for the time and money spent by this market. Popular online entertainment options for China youths share the following traits: simple to learn and use, ability to interact with other users, a high (and almost addicting) replay value, and contain many customizable features for its users. Based on these ideas, it is suggested that NBA China pursue the development of a brand new web portal combining the components of gaming, social networking, and video streaming, which currently all exist as separate components. Using a concept based on an old video game idea, the web portal will aim to move consumers down the marketing funnel, eventually expanding the fan base and leading to end-user generated revenue. The cliche of the China market is well known to everyone by now. With its population of 1. 3 billion steadily increasing its purchasing power, China has become the focal point of just about every multinational company. Despite its potential, many multinational corporations’ attempt in entering the China market ends in failure, with millions of dollars of investment vanishing without producing any returns. The National Basketball Association is one of the rare success stories in China. Since opening its first office in Hong Kong in 1992, the NBA’s Greater China operation has grown to four offices with over 100 employees, generating over USD$150 million in annual sales. According to a survey, nearly 90% of Chinese people aged 15-54 in 11 urban markets had some awareness of the brand. 1 Despite this initial success, there remain many opportunities for growth in this market, especially in the digital sector. Facing increasing pressure from competition wishing to emulate its success and from shareholders seeking greater returns from the market, the NBA must look for new ways to build on its success in China. Company Background The National Basketball Association, founded in 1946, is a global sports and entertainment brand that features 30 teams in the United States and Canada. It is currently the third largest sports league in North America, with an estimated league revenue of $3. 2 billion for the 2008-09 season. Looking to expand the association’s presence outside of North America, the NBA occasionally hosts exhibition games around the world. 1 The NBA first made its presence in China in 1979, when the Samantha Marshall, â€Å"NBA’s China Strategy a Slam Dunk,† Crain’s New York Business. com, May 29, 2008. 2 Source: Plunkett Research, Ltd Washington Bullets traveled to China to play two exhibition games against the Chinese National Team. Seeing the potential for the Greater China market, the NBA sent its first Asia-based employee to Hong Kong in 1990. The association’s operations in China have grown substantial since, leading up to the formation of NBA China in 2008. As a subsidiary of the association, NBA China is responsible for conducting all of the league’s business in Greater China. While the NBA remains as the majority shareholder of the new entity, 5 other strategic partners invested $253 million to acquire 11% of the company in preferred equity. The 5 partners are ESPN (a division of Walt Disney), Bank of China Group Investment, Legend Holdings Ltd. Li Ka Shing Foundation, and China Merchants Investment. 4 Timothy Chen, former CEO of Microsoft China, was appointed as the new entity’s first CEO. NBA’s Digital Strategy in China Since Yao Ming’s entry into the league, NBA coverage has grown substantially along all lines of Chinese media. The country’s national television network, CCTV, has Each season, the CCTV established a long-term partnership with the association. sports channel televises over 90 regular season games, including the NBA All-Star Game, NBA Playoff games and The Finals. In addition to CCTV, the NBA is also covered by 50 other broadcasters around China, covering all but 2 provinces in the country. In total, about 290 NBA games are broadcasted on TV in China each year. 5 3 Pete Thamal, â€Å"The NBA and China Are Fans of Each Other,† New York Times, August 9, 2008. Source: nba. com 5 Source: hket. com 4 The NBA has also been able to capitalize on the rapidly increasing population of internet users in China. The association has partnered with Tom. com to revamp its localized websites in Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan). Among the new features, the sites will include online webcasts allowing viewers to watch live games and Chinese-language talk shows daily, and provide gaming and fantasy basketball options and networking capabilities. 6 Moving towards high definition media, the NBA has recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement to allow BesTV, Shanghai Media Group’s (SMG) Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) subsidiary, to offer pay-perview broadcasts of up to 14 high-definition NBA games daily over a four-year period. 7 Through a partnership with KongZhong Corporation, the NBA has also launched a China WAP site in 2007. The site will allow mobile users to access a broad range of content options including news, scores, editorial content, player interviews, TV schedules, wallpapers, ring tones, video clips and live NBA games. You read "Nba – a New Digital Entertainment Model in China" in category "Papers" The NBA hopes to generate revenue from the site through offering advertising options to corporations and premium downloadable content to end-users. 8 The NBA’s media blitz in China appears to have produced great results. Currently, more than 30% of nba. com traffic comes from China, and this number can be expected to increase over the years. NBA† was ranked 7th in the hottest search keywords in 2008 for Baidu, China’s leading search engine. Similarly, â€Å"NBA† was ranked 10th for Google China’s most popular search words. Other than the NBA, only Xunlei and QQ, 6 7 Anita Davis, NBA Inks Tom. com Online Deal, CEI, August 20, 2008 st Source: 21 Century Business Herald 8 Source: nba. com two of China’s largest web portals, appear in the top 10 of both those lists. However, it is unknown how effective this web traffic has been in generating actual revenue for NBA China. Market Overview In 2008, China overtook America as the country with the largest number of internet users. As of the second quarter of 2009, the country now has over 330 million users, with a growth rate of over 50% annually (see exhibit A). The demographic groups growing comparatively faster than this average are people living in rural areas (with over 100% annual growth), young â€Å"netizens† aged 18 and under, and adults aged 30 and up. Exhibit B shows a breakdown of the age demography of internet users in China. There are also an increasing number of users accessing the internet through mobile devices. Currently, over 29% of internet users use mobile phones to get online, with a growth rate far exceeding that of laptop users. 9 The high growth rate indicates that more and more of the country’s 600 million mobile-phone subscribers now own mobile devices capable of accessing internet information. With next generation mobile technologies such as the iPhone and Google Android yet to reach the mass market in China, there remains great potential for significant growth in this market for years to come. The Meek Shall Inherit the Web, Economist, September 6, 2008 Exhibit A 100 million Total Internet users in China: 2005-2009 3. 5 3 2. 5 2 1. 5 1 0. 5 0 1. 23 1. 03 1. 62 2. 50 3. 38 Total Internet Users 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Exhibit B Age structure of Internet users in China Source: Statistical Survey Report on the Internet Development in China, CNNIC, January 2008 Competition Many sports a nd entertainment companies have tried to emulate the NBA’s success in China and have invested heavily in its digital marketing efforts. The National Football League has launched a Chinese website (nflchina. com) providing up-to-date news and score, discussion boards and mini-games. Manchester United, the richest sports club in the world, also has an all-Chinese website with online media and shopping to capture on its Chinese fan base. But as the earlier search rankings would suggest, the NBA is by far the leading sports entertainment company in China. Leading infotainment web portals such as sina. com and sohu. com have pages dedicated to the NBA linked from their front page. Already in a dominant position in the sports entertainment sector in China, the NBA should perhaps look at its competitive landscape from another perspective. At present, the NBA generates the majority of its revenue in China through broadcast rights, branding partnerships and ad sales through its media channels. However, it has thus far been able to generate relatively little income from its actual fan base with its digital content. In comparison, end-user Internet Value Added Services (IVAS) made up for the majority of the revenue for Tencent Holdings Ltd. another digital media partner of NBA China. Tencent Holdings Ltd. is the largest and most used internet service portal in China. The company’s strategic goal is to provide users with a â€Å"one-stop online life service†10 While its product offerings are similar to that of MSN Messenger, Facebook, World of Warcraft, 10 Source: tencent. com and other leading instant messaging, social networking, and online gaming com panies, Tencent is unique in its ability to generate revenue directly from the end users of its products. Most of Tencent’s products are interconnected through its QQ Network, ncouraging its free users to upgrade in order to access its value-added services such as ringtone downloading, SMS sending/receiving, and online gaming. QQ Coin was later introduced to allow users greater ease in making purchases in the â€Å"virtual world†, and incentivizing video gamers with rewards for performance. With a retail value of 1 yuan (about 14 cents) per coin, users are able to use the coins to purchase â€Å"virtual goods† such as avatars, virtual gifts for friends, and even items for use in games. Due to its ease of use and low denomination in value, the QQ Coin took off with the company’s young user base. It is estimated that nearly $2 billion in virtual currency was traded in 2008, even leading the Chinese government to implement restrictions to the trade. 11 Exhibit C Tencent Holdings Ltd. Quarterly Revenue by Sector Source: Tencent Holdings Ltd. Investor Fact Sheet 11 David Barboza, In China, New Limits of Virtual Currency, New York Times, June 30, 2009 Strategic Analysis While NBA China has succeeded in building brand awareness with its target demographic market, its digital strategy has thus far only focused on only the active fan base of this market. Its licensed product with Tencent and EA Sports, NBA Street Online, targets only the segment of gamers who are passionate about NBA basketball. Likewise, services on the NBA China website such as video games and news updates are mainly targeted to already converted basketball fans. A recently initiative called NBAiD was launched exclusively for the NBA China website. Looking to capitalize on the growing popularity of social networking and blogging, NBAiD acts as a personal page for NBA fans, allowing fans to connect with one another and express opinions through blogs. However, at this point, the product itself has very little added value for active or casual fans. Segmenting user categories using the concept of the marketing funnel, we see that NBA China has succeeded in both capturing awareness in the mass market and driving loyalty from its core fan base through its digital strategy, but have done little to drive â€Å"aware† consumers down the funnel (see Exhibit D). There remains great potential for the NBA to generate greater interest and desire for its product through a revision of its digital strategy. Exhibit D The Marketing Funnel Applied to NBA China Target Market Awareness Casual internet users who are aware of the NBA brand, but have no intent to spend money on its products Internet users who are interested in learning more about the NBA, and look to utilize free products and services made available to them Interest Desire Internet users who are attracted by the entertainment value of the NBA and may take action upon receiving an attractive offer Action Individuals who are engaged to the NBA and are most likely to purchase new products and services offered to them Repeat Purchases The digital age has changed the landscape of sports marketing. Martin Sorell, chief executive of WPP, recently advised the International Committee on the importance of meeting the needs of the new generation of young and tech-savvy consumers: There are 1. 6 billion people online today and 4 billion mobile phones. The key audience with whom these digital opportunities resonate is of course young people. They are a valuable and massive audience. Globally they impact over $600 billion in consumer spending. The young people take their media habits with them, so if you are ot part of their habit now – you most definitely will not be in the future. Let the children play. You have to let them play with your content, your assets in their own way. 12 12 Karolos Grohmann, Don’t Restrict Games Media Access, Sorrell urges IOC, Reuters, October 5, 2009 While referring to a different context, Sorrell’s remarks can also be addressed to NBA China’s current situation. Ther e is indeed a huge market of internet and mobile users, and the majority of them belong to the young demographic group that NBA China is targeting. The media habits of youths in China also differ greatly than that of the United States (see Exhibit E for comparison). On average, Chinese youths spend about 18 hours on the internet a week, compared to 12 hours in the US. 13 Social networking sites such as renren. com and kaixin001. com, streaming video sites such as youku. com and todou. com, and online games make up for the majority of these hours spent online. NBA China should now look to capture a bigger share of the â€Å"entertainment hours† spent by youths online. To accomplish this, NBA China must understand and tap into the media habits of these users, as Sorrell suggests. Exhibit E Comparison of Internet Activities Used by US and China Internet Users Source: China Internet Network Information Center Pew Research Center 13 Shaun Rein, Blogging Down in China, BusinessWeek, July 27, 2006 Popular online entertainment options for China youths share the following traits: simple to learn and use, ability to interact with other users, a high (and almost addicting) replay value, and contain many customizable features for its users. One such example is the recent phenomenon of the Happy Farm game (see Exhibit F for screenshots). The concept of the game is not a breakthrough in any way: In the game, players act as owners of a farm, and are responsible for cultivating, irrigating, fertilizing, spraying, harvesting and selling crops. Each action will add points to the player’s level. However, a player can not only take action on his own farm, but also on his friends’ farms. Thus, people can either help their friends manage their farms, or steal crops from other players. The accumulation of all these actions will eventually help the players get bigger farms. Made available for users in social networking sites such as kaixin001. com and renren. com, the success of the simple game has been phenomenal, with reportedly 23 million users now playing the game. 14 Tencent has since created its own version of the farming game, and is expected to generate RMB50 million (USD $7 million) from the game each month. 15 Exhibit F Screenshots of â€Å"Happy Farm† Game 14 15 Source: duowan. com Source: tradingmarkets. com Recommendation Currently, the NBA China already has components of gaming, social networking, and video streaming. The idea is to combine all these components into one entertainment web portal targeted to youths that will drive interest and desire, leading to generation of revenue from end users. In 2005-06, video game developer 2K Sports added a new feature to its yearly NBA and NFL games called â€Å"The Crib†. The feature awards players as they accomplish feats and milestones within the game. With crib credits, players are then able to decorate their crib (slang for home), buy music, or play mini-games (see Exhibit G for screenshots of Cribs). While this feature was innovative in adding replay value to the game, its customizable options were limited and the feature was eventually removed in future renditions of the sports games. However, such a concept may be much better utilized in an online environment where crib owners can interact in real time, new videos and games are readily accessible, and virtual items are plenty to satisfy the customization appetite of its users. Exhibit F Screenshots of â€Å"The Crib† from video game NFL 2K5 Source: ign. com The possibilities stemming from such an idea are endless. Having already an established network of corporate partners, â€Å"The NBA Crib† can serve as a media channel for product placement. Already showing an appetite for spend virtual dollars, users in return can earn or buy credits to purchase branded virtual products for their cribs (ie. a Coca Cola machine) or even themselves (ie. the latest basketball shoes from Adidas). Other uses for crib credits can include purchasing coupons for use at the online NBA store and video clips and music exclusive to the NBA. Most importantly, interaction between crib owners should be encouraged through games within the crib system. Basketball-themed games can take place within the assigned neighborhoods of owners, and friends can â€Å"visit† each other’s crib with their custom avatar. With the right combination of attractive gaming options, customizable features, and interactive capabilities, this concept will substantially increase the interaction between the NBA and its fans, and eventually lead to a sustainable model for generating revenue from its target market of Chinese youths. NBA China has successfully developed a unique and dominant position in the sports entertainment sector in China. However, the NBA can not simply rely on its popularity and brand recognition to succeed. With Yao Ming injured this season, there are worries that NBA viewership rates in China will significantly drop this coming season. It is therefore crucial for NBA China to connect with its target market and provide supportive product offerings to satisfy their entertainment needs. In this market of technologydriven consumers, NBA China must strive to not only become the leader in sports entertainment in China, but also a leader in digital entertainment. How to cite Nba – a New Digital Entertainment Model in China, Papers

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Human Anatomical Variations and Anomalies Developmental

Question: Describe about the Human Anatomical Variations and Anomalies.Developmental? Answer: The skull flat bones is the bony structure forming the head of the skeleton. It has two parts, the facial skeleton and the neurocranium. The former is composed of bones and the latter forms a cranial cavity. The bones of the skull are joined by synarthrodial joints. The flat bones in the skull includes occipital, parietal, frontal, nasal, lacrimal and vomer bones. The skull supports the face structure and forms a cavity for the brain. It protects the brain from injuries. The flat bones gives protection or broad surfacre for muscle attachment. The spine is made of a series of bones packed like blocks with cushions called discs in between. The spine is present from the base of the skull till the pelvis. The spine is the pillar of support for the weight of the body and it protects the spinal cord. The vertebral column is composed up of cortical bones. It is surrounded by a connective tissue membrane and below the cortical bone layer is the layer of spongy cancellous bone. The vertebral column is divided into different regions which are named according to the region of spine. These are cervical spine, lumbar spine, thoracic spine, sacrum and coccyx. The medullary cavity lies within this that has an inner core of bone marrow. These bones function in skeletal mobility and are subjected to load during activities of daily life (Notebaert, 2014). These are synarthrodial or immovable joints and are a kind of fibrous joints. These are formed by bony ossification. The Sharpeys fibres permit some level of flexibility. Little movement in the suture contributes to elasticity and compliance of the skull. This is a kind of fibrocartilaginous joint. The joint lies between adjacent vertebrae. The joints allow slight movement of the vertebrae. Moreover, it acts as the ligament for holding the vertebrae together. They too have a role as shock absorbers. This is a kind of synovial joint. They achieve movement at the point of contact of the articulating bones. The movements possible with synovial joints are adduction, abduction, flexion, extension and rotation. Abduction refers to the movement away from the mid-line of the body. Adduction is the movement toward the mid-line of the body. Extension is the straightening limbs at a joint and flexion refers to the bending of limbs at a joint. Rotation is the circular movement around the fixed point. The synovial joint is the movable type of joints in human body. Its structure consist of synovial cavity, joint capsule and articular cartilage. Synovial cavity- It has space between bone filled with synovial fluid. Joint capsule- It consist ofs outer fibrous membrane containing ligaments and inner synovial membrane secreting synovial fluid. The synovial fluid lubricates the joint and acts as a shock absorber. Articular cartilage- It is a layer of hyaline cartilage lining the epiphyses of joint with smooth surfaces. It acts as a shock absorber and prevents friction during movement. This is the Tendon tissue. It is a band of fibrous connective tissue which attaches muscle to bones. It is composed of collagen and attaches to the connective tissue layer called periosteum. Function- Its main function is to attach bones to muscles and enable flexible movement in the body. Movements like running, jumping, lifting and other physical actions occurs because of tendon tissue. Longer than average tendons in calf muscles or back of heel is advantageous for long distance runners. This is the structure of ligament. It is a dense band of fibrous connective tissue made of collagen fibres which connects one bones to other bones to form joints. The fibres of connective tissues are arranged irregularly or in parallel starns. Irregular fibrous connective tissue is found in dermis of skin and regular fibrous connective tissue is found in tendons and ligaments. Function- It provides stability to joints and prevent those movement that might damage joints. It ensures proper alignment of bones during movement. It different range of motion control for different joints. For example it prevents elbow joints from extending backward. This is the Articular cartilage. It is the specialized connective tissue of diarthrodial joints. The cartilage is repsonisble for facilitating load transmission with reduced friction and giving a lubricated surface for articulation. It does not have lymphatics, nerves and blood vessels and has a low capacity for intrinsic healing and repair. The 3 types of muscle tissue are cardiac, smooth, and skeletal. Cardiac muscle cells are found in the walls of the heart where they appear striated, and have involuntary control. Smooth muscle fibers are present in the walls of hollow visceral organs, apart from the heart. They appear as spindle-shaped, and are under involuntary control. Skeletal muscle fibers are present in muscles attached to the skeleton. They are striated in appearance and are under voluntary control (Lindstedt, 2016). A nerve impulse at neuromuscular junction stimulates release of Acetylcholine. It lead sto depeolarization of motor end plate which travel throughout the muscle by transverse tubules. It causes the release of Ca+ ions from sarcoplasmic reticulum. In the presence of high Ca+ ions, the ions binds to Troponin and changes the shape. This results in moving Tropomypsin from the active site of the Actin. The next step is attachment of myosin filaments to the Actin and formation of a bridge. When ATP is broken down it causes release of energy and enables the myosin to pull the actin filaments inwards. This shortenes the muscle. Detachment of myosin from actin takes place and this leads to the break of the cross-bridge when a molecule of ATP binds to myosin. When the ATP is broken, the myosin head is again attached to the actin binding site. The process of contraction takes place till there is sufficient ATP and Ca+ stores. When the impulse stops, Ca+ ions is pumped back to sarcoplasmic reticulum and actin returns to resting positon causing the muscles to leghten and relax again (Rall, 2014). The biceps and the triceps are the antagonistic muscles. The elbow joints is responsible for the movement of the forearm. The biceps refers to the front of the upper arm and the triceps refers to the back of the upper arm. When the triceps muscle contracts, there is a downward movement of the forearm whereas when the biceps muscle contracts, upper movement of the forearmtakes place. For the foreaem to lift, the biceps contracts and the triceps relaxes. For lowering the forearm, the triceps undergoes contraction and the biceps undergo relaxation (Jarmey, 2013). There are numerous risks associated with poor posture. Poor posture can impede the ability of the lungs to expand. Posture, when correct, helps to increases one's ability to breathe, and allows muscles to work at optimum capacity.Bad posture causes physical and mental heath complications iuncluding depression and stress. Poor posture is also a main risk factor in many injuries. They also develop poor breathing as it restricts blood and oxygen flow. Neck pain and back pain are very common. People may be suffering from headaches (Diogo Wood, 2016). Imporper lifting techniques can cause injuries. Muscle injuries occur when a person getting out of lifting outs a great amount of stress on the lower back muscle and the demand on the muscle is high. Disc injuries can also occur when injuries occur to the invertebral discs. There are many joints where bones come in contact with each other in the back. Usually they are capable of handling the stresses related to lifting. However, inappropriate lifting techniquescan irritate the joints and may cause them to become "locked (Isa et al., 2014). The pain and discomfort of arthritis can make it difficult to sleep. Many people with feel irresistable fatigue and a lack of energy. In some cases, flare-ups leads toshort-term fever. Lack of appetite can contribute to poor overall health. The organs mostly effected are circulatory system, mouth, eyes and skin, respiratory system and immune system. The complications with skin are rashes and nodule formation. Complication arises with thinning of bones. Scarring, inflammation, and drying are the possible effects o the eyes. Lungs are effected in that they get scarred and inflamed. Atherosclerosis and stroke may be some other potential complications. Blood clots, anemia, Felty syndrome, compressed or pinched nerves are some other negative impacts on a persons health (Wilcox et al., 2014). Arthritis affects normal movement of human body. The protective cartilage and fluids inside joints breakdown due to wearing down of tissues or injury. It makes the movement of affected joints difficul t and painful. When bones rub against each other, it causes acute pain. Continuor painful friction may also lead to inflammation in knees, hips, spine and hand. The intensity of pain varies from person to person. References Diogo, R., Wood, B. (2016). Origin, Development, and Evolution of Primate Muscles, with Notes on Human Anatomical Variations and Anomalies.Developmental Approaches to Human Evolution, 167-204. Isa, H., Kamat, S. R., Rohana, A., Saptari, A., Shahrizan, M. (2014, June). Analysis of Muscle Activity using Surface Electromyography for Muscle Performance in Manual Lifting Task. InApplied Mechanics and Materials(Vol. 564, pp. 644-649). Jarmey, C. (2013).The concise book of muscles. North Atlantic Books. Lindstedt, S. L. (2016). Skeletal muscle tissue in movement and health: positives and negatives.Journal of Experimental Biology,219(2), 183-188. Netter, F. H. (2014).Atlas of Human Anatomy, Professional Edition: including NetterReference. com Access with Full Downloadable Image Bank. Elsevier Health Sciences. Notebaert, A. (2014). Student use of pictures on text-based examination questions in an undergraduate human anatomy course (530.6).The FASEB Journal,28(1 Supplement), 530-6. Rall, J. A. (2014). Birth of the sliding filament model of muscular contraction: proposal. InMechanism of Muscular Contraction(pp. 29-57). Springer New York. Wilcox, S., Schoffman, D. E., Dowda, M., Sharpe, P. A. (2014). Psychometric Properties of the 8-Item English Arthritis Self-Efficacy Scale in a Diverse Sample.Arthritis,2014.